Garmin 2555LMT makes it easy to find addresses and millions of POIs (Points of Interest) that is, companies, shops, restaurants and other places. Our basic points of interest also include data accurate and relevant information from Foursquare. Well, if you’re looking for Garmin 2555LMT , the more relevant results at the top of the list Foursquare. It’s an easy way to discover new and popular restaurants, shops and much more.

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Garmin 2555LMT Product Features
This Garmin 2555LMT has many features like an expensive GPS. Here are some of them:

gamin2555lmtGet turn by turn directions
Garmin Guidance 2.0 intuitive interface greets you with two simple questions: “Where” and tap the screen to easily look up addresses and services and to be guided to your destination with voice prompts, step guides that -Rotates’ talk show map. “Street name. It comes with North America maps. It also comes with more than 8 million points of interest pre-installed and provides the ability to add your
Go Beyond Navigation

Point-to-point navigation is just the beginning. Garmin 2555LMT features a microSD ™ card slot so you can store and use detailed cityXplorer ™ maps or download custom voices and vehicles for free from the Garmin Garage ™. Dual-orientation functionality lets you hold vertically or horizontally for driving comfort or nüvi on foot. Program “Where longitude, the nearest address and intersection, and the closest hospitals, police stations and more. And the improvement of services output shows what services you’re approaching on the highway.

Avoid Traffic Jams
With updates of traffic for the life of the 3D Traffic, our most extensive traffic avoidance system can help avoid delays nüvi 2555LMT unit. We check traffic conditions more than 2 billion times each month, so we can easy to get around congestion and arrive on time.

Garmin gps 2555LMGarmin 2555LMT Technical Details

• Preloaded City Navigator NT North America (US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas) America
• Speed limit indicator – unit displays speed limits for most major roads, Card Reader: microSD
• Park position recall – find your car where you left off, the battery life of up to 2.5 hours (n)
• Lifetime maps and traffic information
• Lane assist with photorealistic representation of intersections, screen resolution: 480 x 272 pixels
Garmin 2555LMT Review

Here is one of the Garmin 2555LMT honest By Timothy Theis. Dean buy this already and GPS
This is my third Garmin GPS. I used on the user interface and performance, so I can not compare to other brands. I wanted to me like you are talking about the new features on this device and your income in my first drive 3 hours at a place that I attracted by heart rate.

Have 1-5 speed limits – As you move into a small sign on the screen, the speed limit and the actual speed. If the actual speed exceeds the limit, it turns red. Very nice feature to keep people honest.
Function 2 – Turn Lanes. , In which direction you find yourself also need from the highway and prepare for the next round. There are two very different characteristics of this device responsive to turning lanes. One is the “Visualization unions,” which shows a picture of the next intersection with traffic. It takes about the right half of the screen. The other feature is a small tower area in the upper left-hand lane

garmin nüvi 2555lmtArticle 3 – automatic speech recognition. I do not like to see by touching the screen until the next street on the left is deflected (see previous custom POIs). So I thought about the GPS I wanted to tell a lot of sense. When it comes this function works fine, but I found that I put the radio volume or speak loudly for the “command”. It bothers my wife:-) However, if you serve as a guide to locate the defective devices. I could not locate correctly receive one of three directions correctly … ie “4810 Whitecourt” ended with something very strange.

inch screen. I’m older and I have to use reading glasses to see the GPS mounted on the board. My previous unit was 4 inches. I thought about a 7-inch Magellan, but when I discovered that I was not decided Custom POIs on Magellan installation that for me. We often go camping and have all the state parks as custom POIs. I also have a truck stops I like to use. The 5-inch screen is certainly an improvement for me.
Traffic – 5 function. During my trip there was no traffic problems, so do not know, route changes due to traffic conditions. This function is only shown to work, if you are in or near major cities. Among the cities, press traffic showed no or weak signal.

Other Notes:
It is a symbol consisting of three horizontal white bar that, when pressed, lift more options. Sometimes icon at the bottom right of the screen, it can also, depending on where you are in the menus. Since it was a bit different from previous units, I have to adjust that.

garmin 2555I found that the estimated time of arrival be more accurate than my previous GPS. Perhaps because he knows that the announced limits as they change along the road ??? The menu is the same as my previous Garmin 2555LMT GPS.

By Electronicbuff on July 10, 2012 Edition: Bluetooth, Lifetime Maps & Traffic Verified Purchase
I used the 2595LMT for a trip across the USA. Previously to this unit I used an older Garmin nuvi 360. There is really no comparison between the units, this one is so much better than the old one.
Speed Features:

– Don’t turn on the speed limit audible notification, it will drive you crazy with the 3-beeps every time you go 1 mile an hour over the posted speed. It drove me crazy till I pulled over and shut down the noise notification for going over the speed limit.

– It will still show your speed and the speed limit without the audible alert on.
– I liked this feature and found that the Garmin 2555LMT was more accurate than my speedometer when I passed by an outdoor “this is your speed” sign.
– Sometimes when Garmin shows a speed limit it is not accurate. I wouldn’t use their limit posting as fact. It may have been more accurate had I updated the maps before I began.

gps charging

(Update 7/25/2012)- I spoke to Greg at Garmin about changing the tolerance from 1 MPH to 5 or 10 MPH over the speed limit.
Screen Features (called layers):
I went into the layer options to turn on some added detail for my trip. I activated the screen layer to show me: time for arrival, miles remaining, altitude (really cool to see why the truck was slowing down as I went up a mountain), my speed, and the road’s speed limit.




Garmin 2555LMScreen:
I larger screen size is really nice at 5″. I was impressed to see the exit signs pop-up on the screen showing me which lanes I should be in. The top left corner also shows a bright white lane indicator as to where you should be with dim indicators as to where you should not be. Also nice was the fact that at the top of the screen Garmin tells you what you will be doing next.

By Iggy Tech on December 2, 2011
Edition: Bluetooth, Lifetime Maps & Traffic Verified Purchase
What I liked in the Garmin 2555LMT
5″ screen
Voice Commands
Speaks street names, turn by turn
One button to save and name a location.
Free map and traffic for life
Highway Lane selection
Highway Exit enhancement
Highway speed for that highway
Speed limit exceeded notice
Pedestrian mode
Can change icons and voices
Has maps for most of Mexico
Select multiple routes and not just one
You can add coordinates in for a route which I use a lot.

And the great price from Amazon which I have bought many items from and has a great return policy.
I will turn off Bluetooth because I already have it in my car and truck stereo systems and to save battery when in pedestrian mode on battery.

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